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Cataract Surgery in Jeannette, PA

No Stitch Cataract Surgery

Dr. Miroya Monsour of the Center for Sight offers advanced no-stitch cataract surgery to her patients at her Jeannette, PA location. With a tiny incision, minimal pain, rapid healing time, and excellent results, no-stitch cataract surgery is an easy decision for our patients. Clear sight is restored rapidly with the insertion of a new, acrylic, intraocular lens with minimal downtime and no need for eye patching.

Cataract Surgery Today: Tiny Incisions, Rapid Healing
& High Success Rates

More recently, advances in cataract surgery have enabled surgeons to remove and replace lenses in much less advanced stages of degeneration. Incisions are tiny (~2mm), which enables the patient to enjoy greatly increased comfort and rapid healing. Consequently, high success rates for cataract surgery are common today. At the Center for Sight, we are able to eliminate your clouded lens with safe, reliable, virtually pain-free cataract elimination with the following methods:

  • Advanced Microsurgery
  • Phacoemulsification
    (Ultrasound Emulsification & Aspiration)
  • Sutureless Cataract Removal

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Safe, Modern Intraocular Implants

Intraocular implants are now constructed of safe, modern non-reactive materials such as acrylic and silicone, which can be folded for insertion into the tiny incisions, to hasten the return of clear vision.

The cataract patient no longer needs to rely on extraordinarily thick eyeglasses following surgery to enjoy a return to clear vision. A variety of exciting modern lens replacements exist today, including:

  • Toric Lens Implants
  • Astigmatism Correction Lens Implants
  • Multifocal Lens Implants

Contact the Center for Sight to discuss your cataract treatment options and schedule a consultation to discover how cataract removal surgery and lens replacement can assist you with regaining a significant percentage of your vision. Call our office now: (724) 744-4009.

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